Letters from our Clients

Dear Bob,

   Just a note to tell you again what a wonderful job you did on selling my house in Charlestown. The price was almost unbelievable and it really was for awhile.

    You seem to put a lot extra into your sales- far beyond the call of duty, and are so enthusiastic about them.

   This is a small token of my appreciation for all your kindness shown to me and my family.

Mildred Hash

Dear Mr. Burkheimer:

I want to take a moment to tell you how very much we appreciate the work you put in to selling our property. I have never seen-or heard of-anyone putting as much effort and heart into the selling of a property as I have witnessed you doing. When we tried to auction the property and couldn't get the full amount, I watched you put the auction on hole and go out into the crowd and talk with the one's doing the bidding and explain the value of the property to them. Then you started the auction again and it increased and then stalled. You went back out into the crowd and talked some more. The auction started again and the bids came in again. When the bid was still a little shore of what we wanted, you said you'd work it as a "For Sale" property and get our price for us. You wouldn't let us "settle" for less than the property was worth.

You went to work on the property and advertised and advertised and showed it to ever so many people-and it was not an easy property to show. Even when you were struggling with your knee replacements, that didn't stop you. You jeopardized your own health to show that property. And during your most painful time, you showed it to the right people and it sold-for what we had originally wanted. You wouldn't let us give up or give in. You knew what the property was worth and you knew there was someone out there willing to pay that price.

In the end, we got what we wanted; the buyer's got a great deal; and you got the respect and appreciation you so well deserved. Thank you so very much for all that you did for us. You went above and beyond on this one. If ever anyone wants to talk to us about what you can and will do for them, just give them our number. You were absolutely GREAT!!!

Very Sincerely!!!!!

Robert and Susan Lewis