R.C. Burkheimer & Associates
"Tri-State's Foremost Auction Firm"

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Not Only in the Tri State Area but Mexico to Australia... auctions are our full-time business.

R. C. Burkheimer & Associates is one of the Tri-States leading auction firms.  With 57 years experience, auction sales are not just a sideline.  You can trust R. C. Burkheimer to deliver a carefully planned, well-executed auction.  Our auctions produce a greater profit for you than any other method of sale.


R. C. Burkheimer, 59 years & still going...

For 58 years, people like you have called us for auctioneering, inventory, estate management, marketing and advertising.  Our experience and management record translates into more dollars for you. 


All of our auctioneers are professional and full-time.  Their only business is putting the buyer and seller together.  This means a fair price and maximum profit for YOU.

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If you are in need of our services, or just want to find out more, write or give us a call TODAY.  All inquiries are CONFIDENTIAL.