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The State of Jalisco is on the West Coast of Mexico and the Capital being Guadalajara and this state has one of the largest population of residence for the United States and Canada in the world. Yes, it is all about the weather. The main tourist destination is Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas which is know as the home of the late John Huston who with his movie changed this once little fishing village into a city.

Just south of Vallarta is Cobo Corrients Region with El Tuito being the major town. Lot of dairy and farm land and this town is known for its cheese. A Mexican Gentlemen along with a Prime Waterfront Lot which he is selling has another tract of land consisting of 84 acres more or less with 3,280 feet of waterfront on the Pacific Ocean. This is near Narnajoitos which by the new road is about 25 miles west of El Tuito.

A new well which is 60 meters deep with Pump House that could supply water for 100 dwelling has been built. He is in the nursery business and the watter is being used for a new forest of palm trees which sell for $600.00 each in U.S. dollars. See Photos.

Just Google Earth and put in the name of the town, Jalisco, Mexico.


The white sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean west of El Tuito are empty. The reason being the access road was just a dirt road and would take 2/3 hours with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. This has changed a new road has been cut through the mountains and is almost ready for paving. The Mountains end and the land turns to almost desert conditions because of the lack of winter rains. the government has built a Dam on the Rio Tecolotlan River near Los Conejos called Presa de Los Panales. The new road and with this new dam to provide water change is in the future. Already a group of Investors are constructing a new airport.

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This is the road to the Beach.

Eighty four (84) Acres of Open unimproved land. Fenced and the cattle just roam about. Notice the Power Lines.

Wide Beautiful White Sandy Beach. Yes, 3,280 feet of Waterfront.

The owner does a walk about so you can get a feel on the size of the beach. This is Federal Lane.

The View as we approach the Beach and Pacific Ocean. Sorry we can't stay for the sunset.

This is the new Well/pump house. The well is sixty (60) meters deep.

Look what a little water does for this land.

Yes! Water from the new well and the growth of Palm Trees which are sold to developers at $600.00 each. Notice the Power Lines.
Map of Area
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